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I am Dairine (pronounced Darren Ah!) and I have been guiding in Dublin, and the east coast of Ireland, for the past decade. I pride myself on  giving visitors a fantastic insight into Ireland, from the grandeur and culture of our capital city, Dublin, to the wild and wonderful scenery that lies less than an hour from Dublin. I like to communicate with your beforehand to hear what interests you, and if I can take you there on a day tour with me, I will!

As a fully trained and Tourist Board approved guide, a Nordic Walking Instructor, and licensed to drive a limousine, I offer walking and driving tours, in city or country, or a combination of both. With a farm in the family, one of my most popular tours involves a visit to the farm to meet sheep, cattle, hens, sheep dogs and learn why Ireland is famous for great food. I know a few good pubs and restaurants too!

My own interests include history, gardens, the great outdoors, politics, literature and I really enjoy meeting new people. Rather than just providing information on the day, I aim to give visitors a really personal experience, and hope to have great two way conversations and some fun or "craic" during the day.

Please feel free to contact me using the form below 


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